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Rationing was introduced in 1941. This included tea, margarine, lard, butter, sweets and milk. However, even food that wasn't rationed, such as bread and fish was in short supply. Most people never saw a banana or an orange throughout the war years. Babies were given concentrated orange juice and cod liver oil supplied by the United States of America. Women had to queue for everything they bought, meat, bread, fish etc. Sometimes, they formed a queue before the shopkeeper had the goods.

2oz (50g)Butter
2oz (50g) Cheese
4oz (100g) Bacon or Ham
4oz (100g) Margarine
4oz (100g) Lard (Cooking Fat)
8oz (225g) Sugar
2oz (50g) Tea
Meat to the value of 1s 2d (about 6p today)
3 pints (1800 ml) Milk
1lb (500g) Preserves (Jam) every 2 months
1 Shell egg per week when available
1 Packet dried eggs every 4 weeks
12oz (250g) Sweets every 4 weeks

These are approximate conversions.

16 points for a can of fish or meat

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