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Make Do and Mend

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Clothing rationing was introduced in 1941, with each adult and child receiving 66 coupens. With these coupons women could buy:

a suit or overcoat 18 coupons
a dress with sleeves 11
a sleeveless dress 7
shoes 5
stockings 2
brassiere 1
suspenders 1
vest and knickers 3

Children under 4 were exempt from coupons. No coupons were required for second-hand clothes but a maximum price was set. Blackout material was also exempt from rationing until 1945.

Faced with a shortage of clothing women became adept at making dresses and coats from old curtains and blankets. Woollen garments were unpicked and the wool was used again. Many a wartime bride was married in a dress made from parachute silk.

Stockings, (nylons) were difficult to come by and women painted their legs with gravy browning and makeup, and then drew a seam up the back of their leg with an eyebrow pencil.

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A poster asking women to make do and mend.

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