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Evacuation areas were those in danger of bombing, e.g. industrial areas and cities. Small towns and villages in the countryside provided reception areas.

Over a million and half children were evacuated to the countryside without their parents. They were allowed to take a change of clothing, some toiletries, their gas mask, a favourite toy and something to eat on the journey.

For many children, schooling was erratic. It was decided that children would attend school for only half a day because school air raid shelters could hold only a limited number of pupils. Some children attended morning sessions while others attended the afternoon sessions.

This meant children could also aid the war effort. They were encouraged to 'Dig for Victory' and collect household items to be converted into materials for munitions.

On Saturday mornings, children could attend the local 'laugh and scratch' cinema. Admission was often by jam jar rather than physical hard cash. The BBC radio enthralled young listeners with its 'Children's Hour.

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The gask mask had to be carried at all times.

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