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Design a poster for Potato Pete that encourages children to eat more potatoes. How many ways can you find to cook and use potatoes?


Potator Pete
Dr. Carrot



Design a poster using Dr. Carrot to encourage children to eat more carrots. Why did people think carrots were good for you during the war?


Imagine you a mother with two children who need new school uniforms. Print the attached ration book and decide what types of clothes [worksheet] you will need to buy and how many coupons this will take. If you don't have enough coupons what else can you do? Print out your ration book.

These are the number of coupons needed for children's clothing:

overcoat 4
gym tunic (girl) 6
trousers (woolen) 6
shorts (not woolen) 2
shoes/boots 2
stocks 1
skirt 6
blouse 3
shirt 3
jacket 8
raincoat 11
dressing gown 6
1 scarf 1
handkerchief 1
vest and knickers 2
cardigan/jumper 6
pyjamas/nightdress 6
petticoat/slip 3
slippers 3

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