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Worker's Playtime

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When war declared The Government closed many public places such as theatres and cinemas to prevent large groups of people being killed from a direct bomb hit. After the 'phony war' many cinemas reopened with air raid shelters in place. War time films were often used as propaganda to maintain the public's morale.

Dancing was a social activity that everyone took part in. It offered the opportunity to meet people and socialise. Dancing enabled people to forget about the hardships of their daily lives. Many of the local dances were used to raise money for organisations such as the Red Cross and Local Spitfire Fund.

As part of the Government's efforts to raise morale the BBC broadcast Worker's Playtime from a factory canteen in different parts of the country each day. Everyone tuned into the radio to listen Winston Churchill broadcasts, which were used to lift the heart of the nation during the war.

News from the Home Front
W.R.N.S Dance

A dance will be held at the Grand Hotel Tynemouth on Friday, July 11th, 1941. Dancing from 7-30pm.

Officers 3/6 Ratings 2/- Civilians 3/6

By kind permission of the Naval Officer-in-charge, North Shields


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