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Women at War in North Tyneside

 The Factories - Men's work, Women's Pay


Extract from the BBC Home Service May 1941

'Today we are calling all women. Every woman in the country is needed to pull her weight to the utmost ... We are fighting for our lives - for our freedom and our future. We are all in it together, and what is already being done by other women you can do. Don't be afraid of being alone in your sacrifice - however great it may be ... All those little things that are so important in every woman's life - we treasure them and cling to them, they are our life-blood. And now we have got to fight for them. ...."

An image of a radio, similar to the type women would listen to during World War II
Image of a woman typing - as part of the war time effort.
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An image of a clothing ration book

Wife and Mother - The Home Front

The Call Up - Land, Air and Sea

Land Army - Feeding the nation


Leisure - Worker's Playtime

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Images and newspaper articles depicting the everyday lives of women during World War II

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