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The Call UP

Land, Air and Sea

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Women Volunteers
In 1938 with the outbreak of war imminent, the Home Secretary established a women's voluntary organisation to assist with possible air attacks. This was the Woman's Voluntary Service for Air Raid Precaution (WVS). The APR wardens were indispensable. During the sounding of the air raid siren, they would help people into the nearest shelter and check the surrounding area. They put themselves at considerable risk from bombs and falling masonry.

Their work quickly diversified and not only did they act as ARP wardens, but helped provide assistance to those who had been bombed with the provision of canteens, new clothes and washing facilities. In addition they also supported the other emergency services.

British Restaurants were set up as feeding centres and these were run by the WVS. They offered a 3 course meal for 9d (4p).

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