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The Volunteers

A volunteer doing some welding in the workshop at Stephenson Railway Museum.

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The North Tyneside Steam Railway Association was formed in 1977 as a volunteer support organisation for the North Tyneside Railway. The voluntary work offers participants the chance to lovingly restore locomotives and carriages, and the opportunity to enjoy making new friends. No experience is necessary and a policy of continuous crew and staff training is operated and volunteers for any of these posts are very welcome. Junior members who wish to become actively involved in the restoration and/or train operations must be at least 16 years old and have parental consent.

Membership Categories and Fees

Senior those in receipt of an old age pension £4.50
Student those under 19 and undergoing full-time education £4.50
Junior those under 16 years £4.50
Concessionary those who are unemployed and in receipt of benefits £4.50
Adult those not in any of the preceding categories £9.00
Family up to two adults with up to three children £14.50

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