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brakesman The brake operator on the rolling stock.
centenary 100th year celebration.
centre cab A shelter on the locomotive for the engine men.

The early wagons (chaldrons) were measured in bolls:1 boll = 2.35cwt which is about 300 kilos (20cwt = 1 ton).

cinders The remains of the burnt coal.
comparative To compare one thing against another.
contrivances A clever invention.
conveyances A means of transport.
crank A device used to convert motion, which consists of an arm that projects form a shaft or axle.
depreciated To decline in value.
eccentric A person with an unusual or odd personality
egotistical Those having an inflated idea of their own importance
exertions Making an effort.
fireboxes The compartment at the rear of the boiler which houses the fire. The firebox is where the fuel, usually coal, but it can be wood or oil, is burnt to provide the heat to boil the water in the boiler.
garret An attic - the room at the top of a house directly under the roof.
gigs A light two-wheeled horse drawn carriage.
inhabitants Those who live in a particular place such as a house.
keelman A man who works on a flat bottomed boat that carries coal.
locomotives Engines driven by steam, electricity or diesel power. They pull the carriages.
metropolis A city such as London or Newcastle.
obsession An idea or feeling that takes over your mind.
parcel van A carriage used to carry the Royal Mail and parcels.
perishable Likely to rot.
phenomenally Extraordinary.
pioneered To be the first time something has been done or invented.
piston A part which moves through the cylinder where it receives and sends the pressure of the steam.
prepondering Influential.
proprietors Owners of businesses.
revolutionised Brought about a complete change.
rolling stock The wheeled vehicles used on the railways, including the locomotive and carriages.
staiths or staithes Staithes are the structures used to transfer coal from the wharf or dock to the ship. They were usually built on the sides of rivers and had ramps to slide coal into the ships or barges.
speculator Someone who invests in a company or property.
steam packets Passenger ships.
subjoin To add something at the end of spoken or written words.
superseded When something is replaced by a newer version.
supplements In addition to.
tabulated To arrange information or figures in a list or table.
terminus The last station on a railway.
traction A steam or diesel engine used to pull heavy loads.
winding machinery In the mines the lift is lowered and raised using thick metal coils. The winding machinery looks like a large wheel and the thick metal coils are wrapped round it.

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