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Newspaper article dated 27 July 1839

The diversion of the great number of travellers from the Low-street of North Shields, by the railway, is already producing a sensible and serious effect upon the inns, public houses, and some other branches of trade in that part of the town. There can be no doubt that without something is done to keep together and increase the traffic in this portion of North Shields, - the property will become even more depreciated from its real value than at present - and the present inhabitants will feel severely the changes of the times. The best plan that occurs to us to effect this most desirable work, is to erect the proposed quay from the head to the foot of the town, twenty feet in breadth of which must be appropriated to the public. This would assuredly much increase the trade and the value of the property in that part of the town, mightily improve its appearance, conduce much to the comfort of the inhabitants and of all persons using the thoroughfare, - and, according to the opinions of the most able engineers, contribute greatly to the improvement of the harbour. Let all the tradesmen and owners of property carefully consider this, and be ready, if required, to give their vigorous support of the proposed measure, - which the corporation of Newcastle has alone been for some time retarding, by insolently refusing to reply to a memorial from the commissioners of North Shields for this purpose.

Extract from Port of Tyne Pilot 27 July 1839

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