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North Shields Railway

Port of Tyne Pilot 21 November 1840

North Shields Railway

To the Editor of the Port of Tyne Pilot

SIR, - As the medium to the public mind. I address you respecting the proposed advance which the Railway Company, it appears, are proposing to make on Monday next. The carriages, I understand, are to be 9d., (4p) and the trucks for the swinish multitude are to be the sixpenny (2 1/2p) conveyances; thus, you see, the very party who have been the instruments of causing a great return to the speculators, are to be insulted during a stormy winter with an open truck conveyance; but, say the proprietors it is to try to get the 1s. (5p) carriages to fill better, because many then will say - the difference is only 3d., (1p) we will go in the highest class. Consequently, the poor man, who, God knows, has too often to pay for his richer neighbour, in this instance is to be made the cat's paw and sufferer, to tempting the shabby gentleman. Now, Sir, what I meant to propose, is this, and I am confident it will meet the wishes of the spiritual speculators - to have half of the second class carriages with fly shutters, so that individuals may be able to stear clear of the evil effects of a stormy weather side. The plan will answer equally well in point of filling the best seats, and the industrious classes, (although I believe in summer an open carriage is preferable to those sixpenny ones, as at present constructed), will have an opportunity of pleasing themselves. If this be not tried, I would suggest to the steam packet proprietors to LOWER their present fare in direct opposition, and I am sure they won't have cause to regret, as may hundreds would support them.

I am, Sir, yours respectfully,


North Shields Nov 14 1840

Extract from the Port of Tyne Pilot 21 November 1840

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