The No.6 tram at Cullercoats in 1929.
Tram car, built in 1902, with open top roof. It is advertising the North Mail which cost half a penny to buy.
1920, No. 7 tram, Whitley Bay. The tram is advertising Cremola Toffee.
This tram is advertising Peary & Campbell's Flour & Provisions shops in North Shields. Notice the delivery boy with his basket in the foreground.
The tram was built in 1901, and is picutred here in 1915.
Tynemouth steam tram and trailer, Grand parade c. 1920.
No. 4 Tram of the District Tramways Limited. The advertisements include one for D. Hill Co. and the Tynemouth Palace Theatre which is showing the Vernon Troupe.
July 15th 1914 - Annual excursion to Morpeth, by motor, of Evans and Co.
Outside the Cannon Inn, Earsdon, one of Wakefield's char-a-banc prepares for a day out.
The Links, Whitley Bay. The two ladies, in the foreground, have cycled there.
1909, The Links and Convalescent Home, Whitley Bay. The party on the left have cycled there.
Cycle Club on Grand Parade Tynemouth.
A postcard showing a day out in the horse drawn carriage.


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