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Seaside Holiday in the Past

Bandstand and Beaches

Bandstands and seating pavilions were built on the promenade and links. Outdoor theatres had regular summer visits by acting troupes and circuses and funfairs came to town each year. Tea and refreshment stalls were set up on the sand with "shuggy-boats" and roundabouts for children to play on.

The beaches were divided up into bathing areas. The ladies and children would have one end of the sands for bathing and the gentlemen had the other end, with a central area for picnics and entertainment - no bathing - for modesty. Wooden bathing machines, originally drawn down to the water's edge by horses, ensured that people could change and get down from the sand to the sea to bathe without exposing arms or legs. Even when sitting on the sands or walking along the promenade, ladies wore long dresses and hats, and carried parasols to shade them form the sun, and gentlemen wore suits and hats.

Bandstand with large crowds listening to the musicians.

Bathing huts on the sand and in the sea.  Notice the amusements just below the Plaza.


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