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Oral Histories


Life on a Trawler

Nicky Fenwick describes life on a North Shields Trawler.

Fishing on a Drifter

Nicky Fenwick describes life on a Drifter.

Tunny Boat

Nicky Fenwick describes going to sea on a Tunny boat.

Fishing Industry

Ron Wright talks about the fishing industry in North Shields.

North Shields - Effluent

Ron Wright describes the dreadful sanitary conditions of the North Shields slums.

North Shields - The Slums

Ron Wright describes the dreadful living conditions of the North Shields slums.

Wartime Evacuee

Dougie Milburn describes his adventures as a wartime evacuee.

Air Raids

Dougie Milburn describes how as a small boy he felt living with the fear of air raids.

Barrage Balloons

Dougie Milburn talks about the barrage balloons that warned of impending air raids.

The Bombing of the Goods Yard

Dougie Millburn describes the bombing of the Goods Yard.

The Bombing of Saltwell Park

Dougie Milburn relates the events of the Saltwell Park bombing.

War-time Radio

Dougie Milburn recalls the radio broadcasts of Word War 11

The Wreck of the Stanley

Bill Scott tells the tragic tale of the Stanley that was wrecked on the Black Middens in 1864.

The building of Tynemouth Watch House

Bill Scott tells the story of the building of Watch House.

The Breeches Buoy

Bill Scott describes how the Breeches Buoy was designed and how it was used to rescue stranded crews.

The Manby Mortar

Bill Scott tells us how the Manby Mortar was invented by George Manby.

The Black Middens

Bill Scott describes the infamous Black Middens.

Westall's War (Tyne & Wear Archives)

Discover the world of Garmouth - the fictional setting (real-life North Shields/Tynemouth) of many of Robert Westall's books in this engaging and interesting radio documentary.

With gracious thanks to Neil Reynolds who provided many of these interviews