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The Sailing boat from the coat of arms

Sailing across the coat of arms is a boat in full sail.

What better way to highlight the importance of river and sea trade over the years?

The River Tyne has been used by shipping for more than 2000 years. Boats, both large and small have sailed in and out in all sorts of weather. The boats were battered by the storms and were repaired at North Shields. Many boats were lost at sea and new ones were built at North Shields. That is why the boat rests so proudly on the coat of arms.

One trade which has taken place almost continuously throughout those 2000 years has been fishing. At first to feed the families of the fishermen, then the monks at the Priory and then as a huge industry known worldwide.

A postcard of the herring boats in harbour, dated 1850, show the North Shields crest. Notice how different it looks.

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