A photograph showing the High Light and Low Light in 1890.
Herring Boats on the Tyne, near Shields.
Shields Harbour in 1835.
The mouth of the Tyne in 1832. The Low Light can be seen in the distance.
The Harbour at North Shields about 1827.
The Wellesley Training Ship, North Shields. Destroyed by fire March 11th 1914
The photograph taken c.1890 shows the congested harbour of North Shields, with the High Light.
Low Lights, 1885 - Painting by G.S. Wood. The Scullermen plied their trade from the New Quay. In 1843 The Tyne, Aged Sailors ' and Scullermen's Asylum was founded.
Notice the Scullerman's Hut in the foreground. The ship is the H.M.S. Castor.
Whitley Colliery South Staithe, North Shields 1810 - 1849.
Clifford's Fort and the Tyne from Tynemouth in 1788.
Coal Staithe.
The postcard was sent by Doris and Lizzie to their mother Mrs Tomlin. Notice the coat of arms.

Oral recordings by Ron Wright Border

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