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Word List

accommodated Provided with shelter, somewhere to stay.
amidships Towards the centre of a ship.
analogous Comparing two things that are alike.

A sailing ship of three or more masts

bridge A high platform on a ship, which used is by the officers in charge.
causeway A road between the mainland and the island, which is covered at high tide.
cholera A disease that is often fatal.
commemorating A celebration to mark an event.
compass A device that shows directions for north, south, east and west.
cultural The customs and traditions of people.
descry To discover by looking carefully at something.
dioptric apparatus Used to form images on lenses.
endowment A sum of money.
eviction To force people out of their home.
excavating To uncover by digging.
gibbet A upright post with an arm from which a criminal's body was hung.
heritage The customs or items that we inherit.
hermit A person who lives alone and keeps away from people.
illuminant Something that provides light.
immersion Being covered in water.
man-of-war A warship.
mediaeval From the middle ages.
Napoleonic Wars A series of wars fought between France (led by Napoleon Bonaparte) and alliances involving England and Prussia and Russia and Austria at different times; 1799-1815.
neap tide A low tide, which occurs about every two weeks when the moon is at one quarter or three-quarters full.
phosphates Chemical fertilizers.
privateer A person who owns a ship and has a licence from the ruler of a country to attack the ships of other countries. In peacetime, it is a form of legal piracy.
pug mill A machine in which materials are mixed, blended or kneaded.
stimulants Drugs that make the senses more alert.
surveyor Someone who measure areas of land or goods for evaluation.
unconscious Not aware of things.
wheelhouse A small covered area on the bridge where the ship's wheel is found.

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