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Map of the Island Map if St. Mary's Island and Lighthouse Link to enlargement of site map. Vehicular and pedestrian routes to Whitley Bay and Tynemouth. Wetland viewing point. Car parks. The Wetland Bird Reserve, created in 1997.  This area is set aside exclusively for wildlife, but a number of viewing points are being created around the perimeter. Public toilets.  More toilets are available at the Visitor Centre during opening hours. The location of the wreck of the 'California' remains of which can still be seen at low tide.' Butts remaining from days when the cliftop fields were a military rifle range. The causeway which is covered twice a day at each high tide.  The depth of water and length of coverage change with the cycle of spring and neap tides.  military rifle range. The location of the wreck of the 'Gothenburg City' in 1891. The cottage originally built by George Evans in 1855. The Visitor's Centre converted from the East and West Keeper's cottages. The birdhide, which most comes into its own when strong easterly winds bring birds, migrating along the North Sea, closer inshore. The inlet known as Smuggler's Creek. Wreck of the Jane (T) Clark. A rocky shoal, normally left uncovered at hightide when it becomes a roosting area for large numbers of seabirds and waders. The concrete pillar was built in 1914 as a rangefinder for coastal defence guns at Tynemouth Priory. The coastal footpath to Seaton Sluice.
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