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The building of the Watch House

Now, this is where this station becomes unique. “We’ll build it of wood”, because most stations were built of sandstone “and we’ll bolt it together, prefab it, because in five years time that fort’s obsolete and it’ll be moved. Then you will be able to take it to bits; move it down to the Point and re-erect it.”So, they built the station; bolted it together. Trained men and of course the loss of life disappeared completely. Seven years passed and sure enough, the old army moved out. But, by that time they had built two towers, cause it wasn’t high enough for the lookouts; one on the north and one on the south. And of course when they come to dismantle it they said “God, couldn’t do this in a million years; too heavy; too big”; so it’s still here. It never moved.

With gracious thanks to Bill Scott



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The Watch House