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1. Which ship is this?

The Diamant

The Peggy

The Stanley

2. What kind of boat is this? What kind of boat is this?

A Brigantine

A Barque

A Schooner

3. This is a Breeches Buoy?



4. This is the figurehead of the Diamant? Which figurehead is this?




5. John Morrison was ...?

A military officer

A local fisherman

A local boat builder


6. The Life Brigade was formed after the wreck of the ...?



Light of the Harem


7. The first successful rescue by Life Brigade was the ...?


The Rupert

The First of May


8. Does the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade have a lifeboat?




9. Coast Guard Hoare received a bravery medal for ..?

Jumping into the sea to save a dog

Launching the rocket

Saving 5 crew members of the Peggy


10. Two brothers who played a major part in the formation of the Life Brigade were ..?

John and Joseph Spence

John and Joseph Hunter

John and James Brown

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