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Word List
abaft Close to the rear of the boat.
aft Rear of the boat.
buskers Men who earned their living by offloading the fish when the boat docked at the quayside. This was casual work.
chocks A block or wedge of wood used to prevent the sliding or rolling of objects.
commenced The beginning of something.
courtesies Good manners and politeness.
delicacy Delicious food.
deputation Someone who stands in for everyone else at a meeting or event.
detrimentally Harmfully
dosshouse (flophouse) A dosshouse is a place that offers very cheap lodging. Some people who live in flophouses may be just a step above homelessness.
exceptions A person or thing that is left out.
exotic Very unusual.
fathoms Units used to measure the depth of water. 1 fathom equals 6 feet.
fiddley The fiddley is an area above the ship boilers designed for the intake of fresh air. Fiddley grates prevent people or objects from falling into the boiler room.
fore end The part of a boat or things forward of amidships.
galley The kitchen of a ship.
gastric To do with the stomach.
gutted Having removed the guts from a dead fish.
hove The past tense of heave - to lift or pull something heavy.
illustrates An example that helps to explain things.
immature Not fully grown.
Jonah A person believed to bring bad luck.
knots A unit measuring the speed of a ship. 1 knot = 1 nautical mile.
laboured Worked hard.
masthead A mast is a vertical pole on a ship, which supports sails or rigging. The masthead is the top of the mast where a small platform with a lookout point may be placed.
moderate Medium - not very tall or very small, but somewhere in between.
participate To share in something.
pitched To move up and down in a rough sea.
ponds A small holding tank for fish.
preserving To prepare the fish so it won't rot and go bad.
remunerative Pay or reward for something.
repudiating Denying
salting To rub salt into the fish to preserve it.
sikket A small watercourse.
snatch block A block that can be opened on one side to secure a rope.
sturgeon A very large fish with a long snout and rows of spines along the body.
unsympathetic Having no feelings or pity.
ventilators Allowing air to move freely in and out of a room.
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