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George Lisle's Memoirs

  Bright Side

George William Lisle was born in Cullercoats in 1871. His father was a fisherman, his mother a fisherwoman in a village where the fish was king. So he grew up to know this self contained little community as only a man who was part of it could. And as he grew older he mourned the passing of a way of life he loved.

He died in 1951, at the age of 72, leaving these memoirs. Let him speak now. Let him remember his boyhood, recall for us life in as picturesque a village as any in the country. – Edited by Kay Jenner (Evening Chronicle, Tuesday October 18, 1955)

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Family Tree for the Lisle Family

  Frankie B
  Old Cullercoats
  Press Gang
  Spaarer Haal
  Yellow Sands


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