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Accounts of Cullercoats


Read about the terrific gales of December 1876.

A fishing boat capsized at Cullercoats - the tragedy of 2nd December 1876.

William Adamson receives subscriptions on behalf of the Widows and Orphans.

Read about the stranding of the screw steamer "Warkworth Castle" at Cullercoats.

Polly Donkin.

Martin Henderson.

Ellen Brunton

Listen to the story of the Esmeralda.

The "Esmeralda belonged to John Salmon, alias Mr Careless, and his crew were Jackey Slyboots, his lieutenant, and Lazyboots. You can listen to the "Rescue of a Young Lady" from "The Coble: a few papers written during leisure hours of the winter of 1844-5", by John Salmon.


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