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The Wallsend Colliery

Wallsend Colliery was made up of seven pits. As early as 1831 there were underground workings below most of Wallsend as we know it today.

A Pit -The First Engine Pit was started 1778 south of Buddle Street, west of Segedunum.

B Pit - Was begun in 1778, North of Buddle Street and west of Segedunum.

C Pit - Wallsend Pit or Gas Pit was begun in 1790, where Wallsend Park now is and south of the tennis courts.

D Pit - West Pit was started in 1790 and would have been where Wallsend Golf Course and West Street Dairy are situated.

E Pit - Tommy Mann's Pit, began in 1793 behind High View North and south of the Coast Road.

F Pit - Beanyfield Pit was started in 1797, south of the Coast Road and west of the Hadrian Hospital.

G Pit - Church Pit started in 1802, south of St Peter's Church and west of Hadrian Road Metro.

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