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Cartoon drawing of John Buddle pointing at a map.
Pit Name Began Where it was
A First Engine Pit 1778 South of Buddle Street / West of Segedunum
B   1778 North of Buddle Street / West of Segedunum
C Wallsend Pit or Gas Pit 1790 Wallsend Park / South of the tennis courts
D West Pit 1790 Wallsend Golf Course / West Street Dairy
E Tommy Mann's Pit 1793 Behind High View / South of Coast Road
F Beanyfield Pit 1797 South of Coast Road / West of Hadrian Hospital
G Church Pit 1802 South of St. Peter's Church / West of Hadrian Road Metro

Wallsend Colliery was made up of seven pits. As early as 1831 there were underground workings below most of Wallsend as we know it today. The chart above shows when the pits were begun and places they would be close to today

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