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Durham Mining Museum

Northumberland & Durham Family History Society

Maggie Birchell
Segedunum Roman Fort, Baths & Museum, Wallsend / Tyne & Wear Museums


By kind permission of Benny Graham - Just One Spark




Children of coal and iron by Iain Rose and Donald MacLean J622.3
Mine by Philip Sauvain J622.3
Mine work by Donna Bailey J622.3
Mineworker by Sarah Cox J622.3
Mining coal by John Davey J622.3
You wouldn't want to be a Victorian miner! By John Malam J942.08


Coal by Guy Arnold J622.3
Coal by Steve Parker J622.3
Focus on coal by Theodore Rowland-Entwistle J622.3

Mining books with a local setting

Backworth an illustrated history of the mines and railways by John Elliott & Derek Charlton J622 Local
Broken lives by Neil Tonge J623.3 Local
Children in the mines by S Broatch and T Holt J622.3 Local
Wallsend Colliery Pit Disaster 18th June 1835 - Ken & Pauline Hutchinson North Tyneside Libraries for Wallsend Local History Society


Annerton Pit by Peter Dickinson J*
The Bonny Pit Laddie by Frederick Grice J*
The Coal House by Andrew Taylor J*
Ironstone Valley by Theresa Tomlinson J*
Our John Willie by Catherine Cookson J*
[J* = Junior]

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