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The Pit Head Challenge.

1. Who might be called Wallsend's Mr Coal?

Tommy Mann

George Stephenson

John Buddle


2. Which of Wallsend Colliery's seven pits was named after a person?

The Tommy Mann Pit

The John Buddle Pit

The John Smith Pit


3. What might Wallsend have looked like 200 million years ago?

Swamp, jungle, tropical forest and mud

Forests, grasslands and lakes


4. What do we call the layers in the rock and coal "sandwich"?




5. Following the coal seam into the hillside is called?

Drift Mining

Coal mining

Bell Pits


6. What sort of pits did early miners dig?

Buddle Pits

Bell Pits

Drift Mines


7. What job did the corvers do?

Made wicker baskets to bring the coal up in

Filled the tubs with coal

Drove the horses in the gin to turn the engine


8. The trappers were the persons responsible for the method of working and ventilating the mine




9. Who invented the Safety Lamp?

Humphry Davy

John Buddle

George Stephenson


10. The Wallsend Pit Disaster of 1835 occured in which pit?

First Engine Pit

G Pit

West Pit

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